How it works.


Please use the following dropdown menus to choose the postcode where you would like to find Certified Passivhaus, or Retrofit professionals. If you choose the first “Scotland” drop menu for example, and then the “AB” option, you will be taken to the Aberdeen page where you will see a collection of “business cards” for a selection of current Certified Passivhaus or Retrofit Professionals in that area. If you see a “Looks like no-one’s here yet” card, we simply haven’t listed anyone for that postcode yet. The map is there to help you find the next nearest professionals if there are none directly covering the postcode you enter.

It is extremely important to note:

We do not take any responsibility for checking the current validity of Certification for each of these professionals. You must take care to do your own due diligence as you would with anything else – if you contact anyone from our database, please ensure that you validate their credentials yourself before making any arrangements with them. We will not be held accountable for mistakes made by those undertaking their own work.

Quick question?

Is something not quite right? Is there someone missing or an area not covered? If you want to just drop us a quick message, please feel free to use the form to the right.