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Over time we intend to curate the Number 1 Podcast series and Video Archive for the Passivhaus Industry, hosted on sites like Spotify and YouTube. We will share the links with summaries here so they’re easy to find for those who do not already follow us. Once Twitter allows for long-form videos, which may be sometime later this year, we will also provide content there. In the meantime, we hope to have podcasts, event coverage, and even help share other people’s and companies’ video content if they ask us nicely.

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Our content

If you’ve got an absolute diamond idea for content, or there’s someone you think we should be doing a podcast with or interviewing, or perhaps there’s something you want to know more about that we could “ask an expert” to explain, or even something you would like us to review in our own words, then just let us know! We have an in-house professional audio production team so are capable of making anything we need, or you request, within reason of course…

Your content

Do you have any award winning contributions to the industry, ideas, or vital know-how you would like to share and discuss, or answer questions about? What about projects or events you have already covered and would like people to hear about? Perhaps you have services or components or design and construction skills you want to describe to our audience? We can provide you with a platform to talk about it, so just get in touch!

Email us with any ideas, offers or requests at: podcast * ukpassivhaus.com or youtube * ukpassivhaus.com (the * replaces the @ symbol to avoid bots spamming us!)

Contact Us

Our in-house production team are seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience. We can help you develop content from a basic 10 second idea, to a final conversation or interview that we can record and then upload on our channels. We can then help to showcase you, or you can use it for your own purposes. Just get in touch no matter what stage in the process you are at, and we can help get you over the finish line.

Quick idea?

If you’ve just got a quick idea or suggestion and there’s no need to go through the formal route of a full email, just pop it down quickly in the box to the right and we’ll get back to you.